1. Who can apply

Any individual whether an Indian citizen or a Non Resident Indian or a person of Indian origin can apply. Applications on behalf of minors should be made by their legal or natural guardian.

An application on behalf of a Firm/Company/HUF/AOP should be made by duly authorized person.

The application form should be accompanied by Certificate of Incorporation / Registration Certificate / Board's Resolution/ MOA / AOA / Official Seal.

2. How to apply
  • The person intending to purchase an apartment has to apply on the prescribed application form contained in the Brochure.
  • The application should be accompanied by a crossed cheque / bankers cheque or bank draft payable at Kolkata in favour of "Sherwood Estate Developers" for Rs.50,000/- towards the payment of the application money. Outstation cheques/cash payments will not be accepted.
  • The completed Application form duly filled up and signed by the applicant(s) alongwith the application money should be submitted at any of the following addresses during the usual office hours.
Marketing agents
Project Site Office
"Sherwood Estate Developers"
Ground Floor,
207, A.J.C Bose Rd.
Kolkata - 700017
Phone 22833342/43
KOLKATA -700020
Phone: 24868016,24867017
169 N.S.C.Bose Road
Kolkata 700 103
Phone 24771320/21
  • The applicant will have to choose his appartment subject to availability at the time of submitting the duly completed application. The allotment will be done at the sole discretion of the Developers.
  • It shall be incumbent on the allotee(s )to comply with the terms of payment in respect of the apartment, carparking and any other payments.
  • Payment of installments and all other dues shall have to be made within 10 days from the date of issue of letters to the allotees for the outstanding amounts.
  • First allotee's name, flat no. and block no. must be written on the reverse of the Cheque / Draft.
  1. One time consideration for the Recreation Centre facilities of the project @ Rs.25/- per sq.ft.
  2. Additional cost of Amenities per unit to be paid by the purchaser on or before taking of possession of Flat/Unit/Apartment.
    a) For Generator ; 300 watts for one bedroom flats, 500 watts for two bed room flats & 700     watts for three bedroom flats & row houses and also common lights, lifts and water pumps @     Rs.21/- per sq.ft.
    b) For WBSEB transformer & high tension line, line expenses up L.T. Line cables, cost including     transformer surcharges @ Rs.20/- per sq.ft.
    c) Charges for legal documentation at the time of agreement Rs.5500/-. Charges for legal     documentation at the time of conveyance Rs,5,500/-.
  3. a) The purchasers will have to pay the secutity deposit and the expenses as may be required by     WBSEB for individual meter in the said unit directly with WBSEB and the proportionate share    of the deposits and expenses payable to WBSEB for the building and the complex.
    b) Proportionate charges for stamp fees, registration charges & incidental for registration of the     transfer documents as may be determined and advised by the Advocates to be determined by     the Developer before taking over the possession.
    c) Proportion of the costs & fees in relation to formation of Association / Co-Operative Society /     Private Limited Company for the maintenance of the complex.
    d) The Purchaser will have to pay the charges for the installation of Grills etc. at actuals.
    e) The purchaser will have to pay the maintenance deposit for 2 years as determined by the     Developer.
3. Scrutiny, Refund & Cancellation
  • The Developers reserve the right to reject any incomplete or deficient application or any application at their sole discretion.
  • Incase the applicant cancels his booking prior to execution of the agreement or fails to Execute the agreement within 15 days of the application, a service charge of Rs. 5,000/- will be deducted.
  • Applicants are advised to refer to the detailed terms and conditions and the draft agreement for sale available at the above mentioned offices prior to submitting their applications.
4. Payment of Installments
The consideration amount towards the price of the unit and car parking space / scooter parking space is to be paid in the following manner:

20% on booking / signing of the Agreement.
10% immediately on completion of the first floor casting of the said block.
10% immediately on completion of the second floor casting of the said block.
10% immediately on completion of the third floorcasting of the said block.
10% immediately on completion of the fourth floor casting of the said block.
10% immediately on completion of the roof casting of the said block.
10% immediately on completion of brick work of the said unit.
10% immediately on completion of flooring of the unit.
10% immediately within seven days of notice possession.

  • It is understood that the applicant has applied for the allotment of residential apartment with full knowledge of the laws / notifications and rules applicable to his area in general and group housing project in particular and the applicant has fully satisfied himself / herself/ itself, about the interest and the title of the owners in the land on which apartments will be / are being constructed.
  • The layout plans and building plans, specification of building (s) complex and apartment(s) are tentative and are subject to variation. The layout of the plans, Roads, Windows, Doors etc. will vary from block to block and also from sample flats. "Sherwood Estate Developers" may effect such variations, additions, alterations, deletion and/or modifications therein as it may at its sole discretion, deem appropriate and fit or as may be directed by any competent authority. The dimensions of the various portions of the individual flats are tentative and may vary due to site conditions and/or technical reasons.
  • The allotee(s) will be required to execute, a formal agreement for sale within fifteen days of being required to do so by "Sherwood Estate Developers ". Under the existing laws the stamp duty at the applicable rate is levied on such agreement for sale. Such Stamp duty & Registration charges shall be payable wholly and exclusively by the allotee(s).
       "Sherwood Estate Developers" however, may at its sole discretion, relax any of the        conditions. It also reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any        reason whatsoever.